Natural Water System

​and Water 


Rural communities face multiple challenges financing the costs of replacing or upgrading aging and outdated energy and water infrastructure. Strategic investments are needed to uphold and protect health and safety standards to improve the quality of life for rural communities 


USDA Invests in Rural Water and Wastewater Infrastructure in 20 States - Weldon Freeman, Jay Fletcher

The High Cost of Energy in Rural America - Lauren Ross, Ariel Drehobl, and Brian Stickles

Communication Tower


Delivering telecommunications services will help bridge the digital divide in rural America. Though costly and challenging, supporting rural networks can help change rural communities overnight, stimulating their economic potential and improving their quality of life 


Broadband Internet's Value for Rural America - Peter Stenberg, Mitchell Morehard, Stephen Vogel, John Cromartie, Vince Breneman, and Dennis Brown

Rural America is Stranded in the Dial-Up Age - Jennifer Levitz and Valuer Bauerlein

Truck Car Park


Rural roads play a significant role in our nation's transportation system, safely moving people and goods to and from communities. However, the condition of of rural transportation infrastructure varies widely with huge need of repair and modernization to support economic growth and improve traffic safety